The Damfool Computer is dying & taking the website update software with it.  When it dies and we move to a new computer, which won't support the update software, whatever is here will be static.  No updates. No new info.  No new beads.  No new smartass comments. Just a pretty site I can't touch. Ever.  Crap.   

I've updated the class and show schedule pages as far into the future as I can, and I guess we'll be building a new website, eventually.  Poo. (that's a technical term - it replaces the words I'd REALLY like to say.) You can always email me for class/show info and dates.  The sharon.peters (at) smartassglass.com email will still work. I'm bummed. Send chocolate.           (end of HorribleTragicSniffleWebsiteDyingInfo)

Busy Busy Busy...  too busy to get into trouble!   Here's what I've been up to lately: 

WHOOOO - CORNING!  Wonderful amazing news - one of my pieces will be exhibited as part of the ISGB's Presidential Collection at the Corning Museum of Glass!  It's a great honor - to be asked, to have my weird wonky design in a permanent collection at the best glass museum in the world, and to join such a great group of beadmakers in the exhibit.  Many thanks to Terry Hale, ISGB Prez,  for including me and driving me nuts trying to figure out what to send.
     So what'll it be? Chinese dragon? Cat on Fishbowl? Something goofy with wire arms and hands making gestures? The problem here is that Corning is a Serious. Museum. With. Prestige.  And I make Unserious. Designs. With. Bellybuttons. And. Buttholes.   I will surely go insane.

WHOOOO 2 - A COVER!  Snag a copy of The Polymer Arts magazine, Summer 2013.  The fabulous H.G. Wells Time Machine Pocket Watch that I made with Christi Friesen is on the cover, and we have an article about our collaborative process on page 13.  We're too famous for our clothes... too famous for our nose... oh shutdahellup Sharon! 

 And WHOOOO 3 -THE MASTERS: GLASS BEADS! Get a copy RIGHT NOW!  I've got eight big fat juicy pages of bead pics & quotes that make me sound like a Mature & Sophisticated Serious Artiste (snicker).   Available at book and Amazon.com....  getcha one!   Creak... creakkkkk.... popcrackle.....SPLAT!  My head exploded! 

But enough of this pretentious posturing - Welcome to my Shiny Silly website! 

Check out the beads! Every one has mature, incisive, sophisticated, literate, intelligent, socially relevant, significant, coherent, serious, cultured, lucid, polished, politically correct, pun-free descriptive text (snort.... right!), being installed as fast as the fingies can type at 3am (unfortunately, I come up with new bead designs a lot faster than text....  darn.)    

BUT ENOUGH OF THAT....   let's talk about ME! 

Hi!   I'm Sharon and I’ve been making handmade Flameworked glass beads since April 1996, and boy, was THAT a class!  The second I lit the torch, turned on the oxygen and the yellow flame turned blue, I was hooked forever.  You've gotta try it, better than chocolate!  

I use Effetre glass imported from Italy, a couple of different kinds of surface mix oxygen  propane torches (mostly the Nortel Minor Bench Burner and the Bethlehem Starfire ), and a computer controlled annealing kiln. 

It’s way too much fun, melting glass and building up beads from the inside out, and burning hair & assorted body parts (sometime you might want to ask me about the Amazing Day Of 15 Burns...)

My beads are bright and silly, with eyeballs, bellybuttons, butts, and stupid grins. They all have names, many with rancid puns. I usually come up with the name/pun first, and then mess around till I finally have a bead to go with it.  

Come on in! There's lots of bead & jewelry pictures, a less than serious (but true) bio, pictures of nifty things folks have made with my beads, my show & class schedule, and lots of other stuff.  Wanna learn how to make a fish? Check out the How Beads Are Made pages - whatcha waiting for? Dive on in!

To send an email,  click here   for  sharon.peters@smartassglass.com

And you can reach me by phone at (510) 865-2138

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